My story

I write, surf, pray, follow Jesus, and eat donuts.

I am passionate about helping anyone feeling hopeless see that you always have choices. I love walking alongside those who are hurting to give them the encouragement and hope they deserve—whether that’s face-to-face or online. I love my wife of sixteen years, Kristie, our four two-legged children, our two four-legged children, and appreciate God’s gifts of donuts, surfing, and Maui.

The simplicity and security of my Southern Californian childhood quickly came to a halt the day my parents divorced when I was eight. I was raised by my father, a Vietnam vet afflicted by the demons of his past.Being a father never came naturally to him, and to say my childhood years were rough would be an understatement.

Imagine the environment it would take for a ten-year-old child to consider suicide.

When I was a sophomore, the school system finally tossed me out. I finished my entire school career without reading a single book, completing a homework assignment, or making any true friends. An urge—what I now know was a calling—to serve people inspired me to join a local volunteer fire department. At age 18, I watched my class graduate and receive their diplomas. I was a seasonal firefighter, across the street on the back of a fire engine, hoping no one would recognize me or sense my shame.

While working as a fireman, I began a downward spiral.

One year later, I found myself in downtown Oakland, assigned to one of the toughest firehouses in the country. Despite my past, I excelled at my job. Against all odds, becoming a decorated firefighter saved my life, but it didn’t save my soul. I continued to walk in the dark, spiraling down into the pain of hopelessness. I was at the end of my rope when a girl entered this broken guy’s life and showed me something I had never seen or felt before.

I am a bruised and broken man who has been restored by God’s grace and I want to share it with the world! When I first started my Facebook page “Jesus. He is all we need” I never expected it to grow the way it has. It has been a total blessing. Being connected with hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters is something very special. At some of their darkest hours, I’m so lucky to have been able to remind people of the love that Jesus has for them.


I love you guys,
Jason Sautel


“Today Jason is a successful business owner, husband, and father—and most importantly, the kind of hero our culture needs: bruised, broken, and ultimately restored by God’s grace. Now Jason divides his time between his emergency medical training business and writing inspiring, Christ-centered messages to his over 500,000 Facebook followers.”


Want reminders of the love that Jesus has for you, even at some of your darkest hours?


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